Denomination nomisma

Name [de]

Taler (Philippstaler)

Nomisma nomisma


The Daldre Philippus was first struck in 1539, and represents a Taler size coin issued in the Spanish Netherlands. The German term Philippstaler was used for all Dutch taler size coin bearing the portrait of King Philip II of Spain (also called Königstaler = king's taler). This term in a broad sense hence refers to the Daldre Philippus first struck in 1539, and the Burgundian Taler, also called Kreureichtaler in German (Daldre de Bourgogne), issued from 1567, see here under Burgundy Taler. These two taler denominations were replaced by the Albertustaler in 1612. Lit.: F. von Schrötter, Wörterbuch der Münzkunde (1930) s.v. Burgundischer Taler pp. 89-90.