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Dr. Jacob Hirsch (Munich)

Coin dealer in Munich, active from 1897 to c. 1918.

Dr. Jacob Hirsch (1874-1955) was a nephew of Heinrich Hirsch (1820-1886), and was granted the title of Hofrat.

Hirsch moved to Switzerland after World War One, see entry for the company Dr. Jacob Hirsch (Genf), where he did 18 auction sales under the name of Ars Classica from 1921 to 1938. After 1945 the company resided in Paris and New York.

Lit.: M. Barth - E. M. Pegan, JNG 65, 2015, pp. 254-256, 308-309; L. Mildenberg, Obituary, Schweizer Münzblätter, 17, 1955, pp. 105-107.


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