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Landesmuseum Kassel

The Princely collection of coins and medals of the Landgrafen of Hessia.

Under its director Johannes Böhlau and with permission of the Ministry the whole collection of coins and medals with the sole exception of Hessian coins was sold for 4,500 US Dollars to finance new acquisitions for the new Hessisches Landesmuseum.

Ancient coins were bought by the Münzkabinett Berlin for 11,000 Reichsmarks in 1925, and of those c. 6,700 coins only 2,029 were transferred into the Berlin collection. About 2,000 doubles were sold to St. Louis/USA, and some 1,345 extremely poorly conserved coins were melted down in 1929.

A brief inventory made by Kurt Regling lists coins transferred to the Münzkabinett Berlin in 1925.

The sale of the Hessian Princely numismatic collection in 1925 without any doubt represents a telling example of negligence by any museum institution. 

Lit.: P. Gercke - B. Hamborg, Antike Münzen. Katalog der Sammlung und Leihgaben. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Kassel (1985) p. 12 n. 21; J. Menadier, Der Abbau der deutschen Münzsammlungen, ZfN 34, 1924, pp. 409-410.


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