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Nomisma nomisma


The Guldiner (or Guldengroschen) was a silver denomination equivalent in value to the golden gulden or florin. It was first minted in Tyrol in 1486, and similar huge silver coins were issued by other authorities (electors of Saxony, counts of Schlick) soon afterwards. The growing popularity of the Guldengroschen from Joachimsthal (Jáchimov) issued by the Grafen von Schlick as of 1519 introduced the name Joachimstaler (Joachimsthaler) or simply Taler (Thaler) for these huge silver coins, which became much more popular from the mid-16th century onward. According to its circulation in Tyrol, Switzerland, Habsburg and southern Germany the term Guldiner should be used for coins from these region. For Northern and central Germany, and Saxony use Guldengroschen.