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Dioskurides Gratos Metro…

Magistrate and grammateus in Magnesia ad Maeandrum/Ionia, c. AD 139-144.

His name (sometimes with the additional title of grammateus, which is the relevant office named on coins in Magnesia) appears on coins issued during the reign of Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius as Caesar, see V. Heuchert, RPC V,2 (online) temp. nos. 1018, 1020, 1022-1025, 1027, 1030, 11511 (c. AD 139-144) and S. Schultz, Die Münzprägung von Magnesia am Mäander in der Kaiserzeit (1975) p. 23 and nos. 100-109, 111-112, 116.

Lit.: W. Leschhorn, Lexikon der Aufschriften auf griechischen Münzen II (2009) p. 462 s. v. Dioskourides (AD 138-161); Th. Corsten (ed.), Lexicon of Greek Personal Names V A. Coastal Asia Minor (2010) s. v. Dioskourides, no. 21 (c. AD 139-161).


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