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Guthrie, Oberst Charles Seton (1808-1874)

Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie of Scotscalder, County Caithness.

His collection of 15,263 Oriental coins (1,261 gold, 8,273 silver, and 5,729 bronze).

Purchased for 3,500 Pounds by the Münzkabinett in 1876 (Acc. 1876/616 on July 25th, 1876).

His obituary in the Numismatic Chronicle of 1875, pp. 12-13 mentions 1,340 coins in gold, 7,100 silver, and 10,000 bronz, which were offered for the rather moderate price of 5,000 GBP to the German government.

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London holds the collection of Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie of Indian art.

Guthrie served from 1828 to 1857 with the Bengal Engineers, and passed away in 1874.

His art collection was auctioned by Christie's in 1875:

Catalogue of the valuable collection of Indian armour & arms, Chinese and Japanese porcelain and enamels; carvings in rock-crystal, jade, & agate; carved and lacquered ivory; and other objects of oriental art, formed during a long series of years by that well-known collector, Colonel Charles Seton Guthrie ...

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