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Herman, Freiherr von

Freiherr (Baron) von Herman (Herrmann/Hermann) of Memmingen.

Collection purchased by His Majesty in 1827 [Freiherrn von Hermann (sic!)].

The collection (or parts therof) was possibly built by Benedikt von Herman (1689-1782), a resident of Venice.

Von Herman had lived in Venice for a long time, and owned parts of the former Arigoni collection, too.

Approximately 11,000 coins, of which a third entered the holdings of the Münzkabinett Berlin, were purchased in 1827 for 2,350 Talers (according to Friedländer - von Sallet). Pinder does report that this purchase was financed by selling doubles of the 1821 P. P. Adler collection and that a total of 3,641 coins (215 gold, 1,806 silber, and 1,620 aes and potin) were acquired.

The Münzkabinett' accession journal for ancient and medieval/modern coins with date of 2 April 1827 reports 2,349 Talers, 4 Groschen, and 2 Pfennigs paid.

There is a handwritten list of this purchase by Levezow kept in the Archive of the Münzkabinett Berlin.

Lit.: Pinder (1851) p. XXV (sold for 2,349 Talers); Friedländer - von Sallet ²(1877) p. 24; J. Friedländer, Repertorium zur antiken Numismatik (1885) p. 19 s. v. Arigoni.


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