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Mordtmann, Prof. Dr. Johann Heinrich (11.09.1852 - 03.07.1932)

German diplomat (finally Consul general) and orientalist. Son of Andreas David Mordtmann (1811-1879).

Acquisitions by the Münzkabinett Berlin in most cases only after the death of his father. Copper coins were bought via Cahn in 1918.

An additional roughly 3,300 coins were added to the inventory in 1933 (Acc. 1933/214). It is not know whether these coins had been collected by either the son or father resp. both.

Lit.: K. Regling, obituary J. H. Mordtmann, ZfN 42, 1935, pp. 149-151. - Obituary of Andreas David Mordtmann: Numismatische Zeitschrift 1879, p. 448.


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