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Hegner, Christoph

Mintmaster in Amberg from 1622 to 1624.

As overseer of Pfaffenhofen Hegner first reported on the money-changers and the problem caused by them.

From April to July 1622 Hegner together with Georg Kellner was a mintmaster in Amberg, who taught him the technique of minting. After observing that Kellner was actually cheating, Hegner arraigned him succesfully and became the only mint-master of Amberg. Hegner stopped minting in November 1623, and unsuccesfully tried to restart it in 1624. After failing in this attempt, Hegner sold the mint to Hans-Christoph Geißler.

None of the coins which Hegner struck was ever complained about by officials.

Lit.: E. Götz, Die Münzprägungen der Oberpfalz (1992) pp. 167-169.


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