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Friedländer, Benoni (04.06.1773 - 17.02.1858)

Private scholar and coin collector. Father of Julius Friedländer.

According to Benoni Friedländer's last wishes his collection of coins was to be sold to the Münzkabinett Berlin even under financially unfavourable conditions.

1861 (on 6 April 1861 as Acc.-no. 1861/21580-27592) his ancient coins, and those of the mediaval and modern periods were purchased by the Berlin coin cabinet. Medals followed in 1869.

Total numbers in 1861: 17,816 coins (6,013 ancient, 11,803 medieval and modern coins) for a price of 16,000 Talers (of which 5,000 Talers were paid for the ancient coins).

In 1869, on 11 January, followed 400 medals of the Italian Renaissance period, which in most cases originated from the former collection of Princess Elisa Bacciocchi, the sister of  Napoleon I and Duchess of Tuscany (to 1814). These medals had been acquired by B. Friedländer with the help of D. Sestini, who had been a member of her her court.

These 400 medals were purchased for 2,000 Talers according to a letter of 18 December 1868 now in the Münzkabinett, and had prior to that been given a price tag of 4,000 Talers by the Paris based coin dealer Henri Hoffmann.

The 1869 acquisition included 21 medals on numismatists, 428 coins of the Kipper- and Wipper period, and a collection of paper money, which officially were donated to the cabinet.

B. Friedländer had acquired the collection of the Dresden archaeologist H. W. Schultz (see notes by J. Friedländer in the archive of the Münzkabinett included in the records of the collection of casts and copies).

Lit.: J. Friedländer - A. von Sallet, Das Königliche Münzkabinett ²(1877) pp. 32-34; J. Friedländer, ZfN 24, 1904, pp. 1-16; A. Erman, Mein Werden und mein Wirken (1929) p. 124.


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