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Gumbel, Dr. Emil Julius (18.07.1891 - 10.09.1966)

Mathmatician and publisher.

Gumbel emigrated to Paris shortly before the Nazi take-over in Germany. On 23 August 1933 he was deprived of his German citizenship (Reichsanzeiger no. 198 of 25 August 1933).

As a part of Gumbel's property his collection of 618 coins and tokens was confiscated and sold via the Vermögensverwertungstelle Moabit, who had presesented the collection to the Münzkabinett Berlin for evaluation, selection, and purchase.

Entry in the acquisition journal under Acc. 1934/162-192 and Acc. 1934/193-203 regarding 99 coins:

"From the Finanzamt Moabit. Previously owned by a Mr Gumbel."

Purchase by the Münzkabinett Berlin in 1934.

In 1958 Gumbel succeeded in reclaiming a compensation of 600 Deutsche Mark for for his whole collection of 618 coins

Information provided by the Münzkabinett's aqcusition journal and research by Johanna Heil (provenance research in OFP-Project Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv Potsdam).


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