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Imhoof-Blumer, Friedrich (11.05.1838 - 26.04.1920)

Swiss draper, private scholar, and numismatist.

Head of Mommsen's Corpus Nummorum project at the Berlin academy from 1888 to 1902.

More than 20,000 coins from his collection were purchased by the Münzkabinett Berlin for 460,000 Marks in 1900 (380,000 Marks taken from State budget, and another 80,000 Marks from the funds of the Royal Museums). Prior some single acquisitions.

After Imhoof-Blumer's death his (newly built) collection was bequeathed to Oskar Bernhard-Imhoof. Parts of this collection were again bought by the Berlin Münzkabinett in 1928 (1,900 bronze coins), while 900 silver- and gold coins were in 1952 donated by Bernhard-Imhoof's heirs to the Münzkabinett Winterthur.

Several other coins from Imhoof's collections are today kept in the Münzkabinett of the Historical Museums in Bern (Islamic coins, and Latin east), and some in the Martin von Wagner Museum of Würzburg University.

Friedrich Imhoof-Blumer was from 1861 to his death in 1920 a honorary curator of the Winterthur collection of coins. He donated to Winterthur in 1871 a total number of  10,578 coins and medals from all issuing authorities in Switzerland, plus of Konstanz, Rottweil and Mühlhausen. Imhoof-Blumer bequethed upon his death to the Wintherthur library and Münzkabinett in April 1920 his manuscripts, and a greater part of his invaluable library (which included rare numismatic books, and works on ancient history, too). This included his archive of several thousand letters he had received during his life time. Nearly as important is his huge collection of 80,000 casts of mainly Greek coins which constituted his primary instrument for his numismatic studies.

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