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Löbbecke, Arthur (25.10.1850 - 17.04.1932)

Banker and coin collector in Brunswick.

In 1906 the Münzkabinett Berlin purchased his collection of 28,000 ancient coins for 700,000 Marks (Acc. 1906 Löbbecke).

Löbbecke had previously acquired coins from famous collectors such as Güterbock, Stölting, Schmidt, Alischan (Cappadocia), and von Heldreich (Athens).

His numismatic library, two collections of Renaissance medals and other subjects were auctioned during his life-time.

On the 1906 purchase see W. von Bode, Aus meinem Leben II (1930) pp. 166-167 (erroneous price of 70,000 Marks).

Lit.: K. Regling, Amtliche Berichte aus den preußischen Kunstsammlungen 31, 1909-1910, pp. 32-38; K. Regling, ZfN 42, 1935, pp. 151-152; W. Grasser, Die Münze 11, 1980, pp. 553-554.


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