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Rauch, Major Adolf von (25.08.1805 - 26.06.1877)

Son of the Prussian General and secretary of war (1837-1841) Gustav von Rauch (1774-1841) and Karoline Christiane Amalie von Geusau (1780–1867). Marriage in 1802, divorce 1815.

When A. Rauch left the military, he became a chamberlain for Princess Louise von Preußen.

A member of the Berlin Numismatic Society upon its foundation in 1843, Rauch was eleceted its president in 1870 (in office until his death in 1877).

A first collection of Major von Rauch, 4,000 Greek coins, including 28 gold, and nearly 1,000 silver, refers to an acquisition by the Münzkabinett Berlin in 1853 (on 1 November 1853, 7,000 Talers paid for).

The second acquisition from von Rauch was the one of 2 April 1878, a selection of his collection.

Rauch had started his career as a collector of talers, but soon focussed on ancient coins. 

An inventory by Rauch's own hand of his collection, and a record on the acquistions in 1853/1878 (by cabinet staff) in kept in the archives of the Münzkabinett Berlin.

Rauch is buried in the family plot at the Berlin Invalidenfriedhof.

Lit.: J. Friedländer - A. von Sallet, Das Königliche Münzkabinett ²(1877) p. 32. Compare ibid. p. 24; J. Friedländer, Necrolog, ZfN 5, 1878, pp. 217-219.


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