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Prokesch von Osten, Count Anton (10.12.1795 - 26.10.1876)

Austrian diplomat and coin collector. Originally from Graz.

Austrian ambassador to Athens (1834-1849) and Constantinople (1856-1872).

From 1849 to 1852 ambassador in Berlin, and from 1853 to 1854 in Frankfurt am Main.

Ennobled as von Osten in 1830, created Count in 1871.

Prokesch-Osten started collecting coins in 1824, and later specialised in Greek coins from before the Roman period, especially those of Alexander the Great, Athens, and Parthians, too.

At the beginning of his career as a collector Prokesch was helped by his friend and mentor Henry P. Borrel.

Acquisitions by the Münzkabinett Berlin:

Acc. 1846/7043-7055 on 15 August 1846, Acc. 1846/7056-7094 on 19 September 1846, and Acc. 1849/8844 on 19 July 1849 (donum Prokeschii).

His collection was finally purchased by the Münzkabinett Berlin in 1875 for the price of 400,000 Francs: 10,916 coins (575 of gold, 7,102 silver, 3,239 bronze). Included were nearly 900 coins of Athens (four gold ones, and 650 of silver). Of coins of Alexander the Great (resp. types of Alexander III) nearly 1,800, including 250 golden Staters and fractions [Acc. 1875/332a dated 26 May 1875].

Lit.: F. Kenner, Nekrolog, Numismatische Zeitschrift 1876, pp. 394-398; J. Friedländer - A. von Sallet, Das Königliche Münzkabinett ²(1877) pp. 43-45; A. von Sallet, ZfN 3, 1876, pp. 104; P. Berghaus et al., Der Archäologe. Katalog zur Ausstellung (1984) p. 322 no. 163; D. Bertsch, Anton Prokesch von Osten (2005) esp. pp. 482-489; K. Dahmen, Die Münzsammlung des Grafen Prokesch von Osten in Berlin (und die Arbeit damit) in: K. Peitler - E. Trink (eds.), Anton Prokesch von Osten. Sammler, Gelehrter und Vermittler zwischen den Kulturen. Akten des Internationalen Symposiums Graz 20-22 Oct 2016 (2019) pp. 190-195.


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