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Tyszkiewicz, Count Michael (04.12.1828 - 18.11.1897)

One of teh most famous collectors of his time. Since 1862 Tyszkiewicz resided in Napels, as of 1865 in Rome.

22 of his Roman medallions and multipla were bought by J. Biedermann of Vienna, and in 1873 sold to the Münzkabinett Berlin.

Lit.: J. Friedländer, ZfN 1, 1874, pp. 300-301; Friedländer - von Sallet ²(1877) p. 43; H. Rambach, NAC Auction 99 of 29 May 2017 Provenance Glossary. - See M. Tyszkiewicz, Notes et souvenirs d’un vieux collectionneur (1895-1897) [published originally as a series in the Revue Archéologique, an English monograph Memories of an old collector (1898) followed, ibid. pp. 147-148 on the sources of his collection].


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