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Bieder, Theobald (26.05.1876 - 24.04.1947)

Theobald (Karl Hermann Heinrich) Bieder was born on 26 May 1876 in Hirschberg/Silesia and died on 24 April 1947 in Hamburg.

Bieder's collection originates from an early purchase at the Hamburg coin dealer E. von Krakau, which he consequently and systematically enlarged.

In 1956 Bieder's widow Clara sold his collection to Münster University with the help of Peter Berghaus. A total of 2,000 Greek coins were puchased,  of which one third are from the Imperial period, and the rest is represented by Classical and Hellenistic coins.

Lit.: W. Hävernick, Theobald Bieder, Hamburger Beiträge zur Numismatik 1, 1947/1951, p. 90.


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