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Fox, General Charles Richard (06.11.1796 - 13.04.1873)

British General and politician. Well known coin collector in his time.

His collection of 11,391 Greek coins, 324 in gold, 3,960 in silver, and 7,107 bronze, plus 130 Roman coins and 612 others were purchased in 1873 by the Münzkabinett. (Acc. 1873/381 on Oct 25th, 1873).

Fox had acquired among others in 1840 the collection of Bactrian coins of Sir Alexander Burnes, and coins from the collections of James Whittall, Henry P. Borrell, (James Kennedy?) Baillie, Charles Louis William Merlin, and parts of the famous Lord Pembroke collection.

In 1849 he suffered from a theft by Timoleon Vlasto, who was later sentenced and deported to Australia, after being convicted of another theft in the British Museum (Numismatic Chronicle 1850, p. 51).

Lit.: Friedländer - von Sallet ²(1877) pp. 41-42; J. Friedländer, Die Erwerbungen des Königlichen Münzkabinets im Jahre 1873, ZfN 1, 1874, pp. 292-300; C. R. Fox, Engravings of unedited or rare Greek coins I-II (1856/62); K. Dahmen, General Charles Richard Fox (1796-1873), coin collector, in: S. Krmnicek - H. Rambach (ed.), Institutions and Individuals The Numismatic World in the Long Nineteenth Century II (2023) pp. 68-79.


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