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Sandes, Captain Charles

Captain Sandes, presumably Charles Sandes (1815-90), formely of the 89th Regiment of Foot (as of 1881 Royal Irish Fusiliers).

A piece in the Numismatic Chronicle 1881, 67 (referring to the acquisition report of ZfN 8, 1881, 4-5), laments the loss of the third important coin collection of one of Her Majesty's officers (the first two being Acc. 1873 Fox and 1876 Guthrie).

His collection was sold via Henri Hoffmann of Paris, and purchased by the Münzkabinett Berlin for 30,000 Marks in total. In order to reduce the price, 41 of his coins were resold to Hoffmann for 2,000 Francs.

Acc. 1879/332: 2 Oct., 552 Roman bronzes (sestertii, and a medallion of Antinoos), plus four gold multiples, a silver multiple, and 20 medallions in bronze (618 in total, of which 577 were kept, and 41 sold back to Hoffmann); Acc. 1882/506: 21 Dec., 585 denarii of the Roman Republic and the first emperors, including coins restored by Trajan; Acc. 1883/536: 14 Nov., 199 imperial asses for 6,000 Marks; Acc. 1884/157: 24 April, 199 imperial dupondii.

Lit.: M. Bahrfeldt, Numismatische Zeitschrift 28, 1897, p. 169; Babelon II p. 119 no. 48 (Sandez).


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