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API for the Berlin Münzkabinett Authority File Portal now online


The Authority File Portal/ Normdatenportal des Münzkabinetts Berlin (NDP) now features an API. It allows for a more convenient export of all concepts, definitions, and Linked Open Data used in the documentation process of our coins and medals.

To access the API please select "API" on the top right of our homepage There a list of categories used is provided (such as accession, denomination, manufacture, person etc.) including the individual concepts assigned to each such category. The different API-formats (rdf-tll, rdf-ttl, rdf-xml sowie rdf-nt) are distinguished by icons.
The familiar search option in the center of the screen will allow individual searches and concepts to select.

In case the selected result may exceed a total number of 1,000, the API export will provide an additional line pointing at the next section to follow.